Thursday, August 12, 2010

I Love The Cheesecake Factory

No matter how many times I go to Cheesecake Factory, and trust me I have been there a lot, the menu never gets any easier. Every time I go it literally takes me at least 20 minutes to decide what I want to eat. Everything on their menu is huge and can definitely be split between two people. First off, every meal starts with two rolls of their hot sourdough and wheat bread. I love the wheat bread and when it comes out hot and crispy, I can never resist. Last night my mom and I decided on sharing the Chicken Madeira. After eating all that bread sharing a meal seemed like the best idea. They served us two large butterflied chicken breast topped with mozzarella cheese, asparagus, mushrooms, and a delicious Madeira wine sauce. On the side was a huge portion of chunky mashed potatoes, which tasted great with the Madeira sauce too. With every bite I took I tried to get a combination of all the foods on my fork, each food complimented each other.

I love dessert, especially the 30th Anniversary Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. How could you go wrong with layers of chocolate fudge cake, fudge icing and cheesecake in one dessert? When I was a kid, no matter how full I was I always had room for dessert. I would tell my parents that I had two sides of my stomach one for meals and one for dessert, so I could always eat dessert after dinner. I think as I grew up I realized this probably wasn’t very true and/or healthy so I limited myself on dessert…only sometimes. We decided to pass on dessert, but I promised myself I would get cheesecake next time.

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